Advantages and ways of using. Methods of tracking hashtag efficiency.
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In the times algorithm-based news feeds and increasing amounts of accounts you cannot disregard the use of basic set of instruments to promote your content on Instagram. Let's take a look and some ways of using hashtags for promoting on Instagram.

Key advantages:

  • They let your posts and stories be easily found among the great amount of content which we able to categorize using hashtags. It's just like a library, whe shelves are the Instagram, folders - are hashtags, and documents - are post and stories. But still we do not claim that hashtags are often used;
  • Using hashtags people can easily follow certain companies, section of the account or even offline-businesses. Hashtags can help you increase ER of your account and made navigating through posts easier, but only if used right.
Let's kick it off by saying that you need to have the information on what hashtags you or your competitors have used and which of them increase engagement (ER) the most. Keep in mind that the right hashtag won't make the post itself better, which tends to get more appeal from users just being of high quality. You can get this info with Picalytics.
The Hashtag engagement here are likes, comments and savings caused by the hashtag combined. The data is gathered through a period of time chosen by you.
Having that information you ask the most important question, answer to which is to identify your success: how can I use that data? Here are some tips on how you can use hashtags.
Ways to use analytics on hashtags

One of the most obvious way to use hashtags - analyze how much of an appeal post with a certain hashtag gets. This way you can get to know what your followers are interested in.
You can get a little smart in there and add hashtags which label a certain sections or rubrics. Thus you will be able to concentrate on content which gets more appeal, come up and try out new topics and sections. It goes without saying that the content is a driving power behind user engagement, and that's what we're aiming at, right?
2. Growth strategy optimization on Instagram. Hashtags can help you target your audience in some way. But it's crucial to distinguish hashtags of real people (byers) - for instance, #badvision, - and those of business accounts - like #glassesnashville. That's why tracking the analytics on hashtags is so important. Also keep in mind that hashtag usage doesn't guarantee you engagement of people using them.

3. Online2Offline - the ability to estimate online-impact of the offline advertisement. You surely know about promotions like "take a selfie with our logo, add a hashtag #hm_birthday and get a discount" or some flashmobs held by the brands - you can draw connections between offline companies and their numbers on the web: number of participants, mentions and audience growth.

4. Tracking and estimating efficiency of campaigns. No matter what you do, whether it is promoting new product, holding a contest or trying to get some traffic on a certain hashtag, branded hashtags can help you to sort the content relevant to a certain campaign. Then you can track the effectiveness of these hashtags using analytical tools.

5. Evaluating the community of a company or product. Branded hashtags are unique and are used not so often as, for instance, general #lovewinter: that lets you draw connections between an amount of branded hashtags and how big the community using these hashtags is. You won't get the exact number but the idea of how your audience is engaged. We can also claim that the usage of branded hashtags can show that the brand has loyal and active community who unintentionally promote the product. That's a munis point to those accounts with large amount of bots.

To wrap it up: hashtags are something more than a little note at the end of a sentence. When we talk hashtags - we talk analytics on their efficiency. When used right they can help with: content and strategy; navigating between posts; tracking efficiency and eventually encourage your account growth. Just use the ideas and tools mentioned above to stop using Instagram passively.
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