Ways of identifying the day and time of highest activity. Activity of competitor's followers.
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User activity on social media depends on lots of factors. Engagement isn't based only on the quality of the content, topic's relevance, but also on the day and even the hour of posting.

For instance it is known that social media users are more active at liking and commenting post in evenings when getting back home from their jobs. But it's not applicable to each and every social networking service. Instagram users are active at their most through several times periods during the day. Using various services you will be able to analyze that data and figure out when it's the best time to post.

The importance of that data is hard to overestimate. Posts in prime time quickly convert not only in likes and comments, but also in followers growth.
Let's have a closer look what advantages has the analysis of users' activity.
Example 1: encrasing users' engagement.

Let's say you have developed a content-plan and make posts accordingly (at 11:00 and 19:30 which is usually considered as the best time for posts). But your posts fail to get estimated number of likes and comments.

Personal analysis of user engagement show that your followers are most active at 13:00-14:00 and after 22:00.

This data will help you make adjustments to your plan and avoid mistakes at planning stage.
Example 2: using the information on followers' activity when choosing advertising space.

So you decided to have some popular blogger to promote your product. His account looks like a sure thing, and the number of his followers (>200 000) leaves no chance for hesitation. The ad is up and running but you don't see much of a new clients. What is the problem?

Deep analysis of the advertising space shows that the likes were driven up with the help of third-party services, and the percentage of bot among followers is higher than 30%. So - promoting the product with this blogger is destined to fail. A thorough selection of an account for advertising using statistics will help you avoid such cases.
Example 3: Activity of competitor's followers.

For instance you decided to create an account of your barbershop on Instagram. But at the same time 10 of your competitors already have their profiles on social media. By studying these profiles you can get the idea about popular hashtags, topics of popular posts and the "activity periods" of the audience. You can also figure out the unique content which may be interesting for users but isn't present on profiles of your competitors.

Needless to say that the one who possesses information possesses the world. Studying followers' activity on Instagram will help you create perfect plans taking into account peculiarities of your audience, find partners and choose best advertising spaces, analyze your competitors.
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