Reachability division, methods of driving up non-genuine users and criteria of identifying bots. How to get rid of them?
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Here at Picalytics we divide Instagram followers into various groups, some of which are bots and unreachable audience. Identifying those is crucial since them being the majority of your followers may slow down the growth of your profile. We'd like to point out that these two groups of your audience may be crossing because unreachable user may also be a bot.

First of all let's see how we can divide followers in terms of their reachability. Which users can be defined as reachable and unreachable? Reachability is often considered as a chance of your post being seen by a certain user. It is important that the post should not be sponsored (given a priority in news feed on the paid basis). The follower can be defined as a reachable when he sees all the post of a certain account.
Audience division on the reachability basis
Easy-reachable — users who see your each and every post. These followers are the ones to hold on to and expand;
Soft-reachable — users who see the majority of your posts. These are the ones you need to get involved more;
Hard-reachable — users who rarely come across your posts. It's unlikely you'll be able to make these people check their feed more often or to unfollow most of their following, but hey — there's no harm in trying :) After you get a hang of working with soft-reachable followers it will be much easier to get through these guys;
Unreachable — can't see you post at all. Let's dwell on them a bit, shall we? We also recommend you to check our piece on engagement rate (ER).
Which audience may be considered unreachable?

  • Bots. More on them later;
  • Users who follow a great amount of accounts;
  • Users who follow bigger and more developed accounts (has something to do with algorithm-based news feed composing);
  • Users who rarely check the news feed;
  • Some other cases: some folks only watch Stories, some tend to go through profiles of certain users, some just gave up using the app and so on.
Why you should care more about your audience quality, not quantity?

  • You surely noticed how ridiculous accounts with a high number of followers and low number of likes look. This may have a negative impact on account growth, since it prevents the account from gaining genuine followers and getting to the top of the news feed;
  • You aren't likely to get an interesting business offer, since the majority of decent advertisers thoroughly investigate accounts for ad placements. And there a big chance that they're doing it using Picalytics :)
  • A bit of lecture on morality: bots are against Instagram terms, they do not create content and devaluate social media. Their usage is not ethical.
How can you check someone's profile on driving up the number of users

There are 2 simple indexes you can check by yourself using Picalytics:
  • Account growth dynamics. Having added a certain account you can find a graph "Number of users' change", where you can easily see whether the number were driven up if through a short period of time amount of followers rapidly grew, and then were decreasing slowly;
  • Account's audience. Diagram called "Audience reachability" can show you how many accounts is followed by the audience of a certain blogger: the more accounts the follow, the smaller the chance of your post being noticed. Diagram "Bots and genuine users" is also worth looking at.
Which accounts can be considered as bots?

We at Picalytics use our own algorithm of identifying bots which we can't give away. But we still can give you some information which is used by the algorithm when looking for non-genuine users.
We do not consider as bots accounts with only no profile picture or any posts, as well as only mass-following accounts.
To divide accounts into groups we make use of more than 10 factors. But since accounts are picked automatically and the info on them is always changing, we cannot assure you of 100% accuracy. We ourselves wouldn't trust a service boasting of accurate differentiating of accounts.
When identifying bots Picaytics looks towards accounts with low marketing activity. We can also add: business-accounts, accounts containing external links, accounts showing suspicious activity and much more.

If you are sure that one of the picked accounts is interested in your content and/or business, just skip it.
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