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Promotion on Instagram is serious and time-consuming work that demands permanent analyzing and adjusting requirements. The key element to good promotion on instagram is statistics. So here's the question: how can you see your Instagram statistics?
Thus, in this article we make a selection of 30 third party services that can help you realize a thorough analysis of Instagram and track a lot of metrics for the efficient promotion of a business profile.

It is a service of deep Instagram analytics that at most clearly displays all the information about the business profile activity. It also gives an opportunity to know how efficiently the account of your business rival works.
The service provides 35 analysis metrics that could be divided into three blocks: audience, engagement, and optimization.
We will not name all the features of the service, it will take too much time. We will emphasize only five the most important of them.
Diagram of hashtag engagement

An Instagram hashtag is a rather important thing for the promotion of the account. But unfortunately, not all hashtags provide the intended efficiency, and some of them do not provide any. This feature allows user to get an analysis of hashtags by their outcome and output. However, statistics is gathered through the whole period of the account existence.

Amount of real users in the profile in proportion to bots

This feature allows you to check an Instagram account for bots: to see the exact picture of the amount of real people in proportion to the fake accounts. By the way, this function is helpful not only for business profile analysis but also for quality evaluation of the audience of blogger profiles you want to buy advertising from.
Number of followers gained and lost

Overall, the metric analyzes Instagram followers. It shows not only the number of people who subscribed, but also lost followers, this data is very important for the analysis too. In fact, Instagram unsubscribers can tell us a lot. For example, basing on this data we can decide about the level of the profile's engagement with the audience and about its' content quality.

The most liked Instagram picture

The value of this metric is also important. After analyzing the data you can define the best pictures of your Instagram account and basing on them create the content that would help to boost your account's activity.

The best publication time: days and hours

Tracking this metric allows defining the best Instagram posting time aiming at getting the most engagement from the followers.
Summarizing the information on the service, we can say that it is suitable both for big brands and for small companies and bloggers. The tool offers a wide range of features and metrics, tracking which helps to boost the account activity at most and to increase the promotion efficiency in general. And another big advantage of the service is a possibility to download the analytics as a pdf-file.

We recommend you to use a free trial period for more detailed acquaintance with the product and evaluation of all of its advantages.

This analytical tool carries out a thorough analysis of an Instagram profile. The service also provides many features you can use in order to track the outcome of the business account work.
It's main features are:

1. Statistics of the account audience growth;
2. Statistics of the profile users engagement (likes and comments);
3. Division of the audience by country, city, gender;
4. Diagram of user activity by days of the week and time of the day;
5. Hashtag statistics and hashtag engagement.
The service also allows analyzing a few accounts simultaneously. This feature could be quite useful for those who buy many ad posts and carry out analysis of advertising spaces and accounts in advance.

Generally speaking, the service provides thorough analytics of the business account. However, we cannot recommend it for small business. The problem is in its' high rates: from 20$ for 5 thousand followers a month. Nevertheless, you can use its free trial for the period of 14 days.

This web site also provides a large set of features for gathering Instagram account statistics.
It tracks the following: number of subscribed and unsubscribed users; statistics of post likes and comments; the best Instagram account posts; followers engagement index; the best time for posting on Instagram based on user activity; the most efficient account hashtags.

Overall, this service gives the statistics that helps to choose the best time for posting and to plan the content properly.

This service is primarily created for browsing a profile at the computer in order to make the interaction process with the account audience and lives of internet marketing experts easier.
Thus, it provides the following data: history of the number of post growth; diagram of content publications (when we post, but not when the audience is active); like and comment statistics; top pictures; hashtags used in the profile and their popularity.

There are also metrics and diagrams on using filters for the pictures, but this information, in our opinion, is useless.

It is a web service that will help to track an account's activity and popularity on Instagram. However, it has its' disadvantages. For example, the statistics is sent to an e-mail on the definite time instead of being shown online.
Eventually, they send the following data to an e-mail: potential audience coverage; follower engagement; the total number of photos and videos published by the account.

Like Ink361 service, this tool is created for working online on Instagram. It provides a bit enhanced statistics of the Instagram account.
It shows particularly: 1. Number of pictures, likes and comments; 2. Follower growth;
3. Best performing tags and geotags.

The tool also displays the most used profile hashtags and gives advice on the most popular ones. But you should be careful with this feature as not all popular hashtags are efficient.

Picstats is a free tool that allows analyzing not only your own account but also the account of your rivals.
What it analyzes is: follower and account growth; follower activity per month, week, day and hour; top hashtags by likes and comments; content type; pictures and videos.

It is a nicely designed tool that gives you an opportunity to track the results of Instagram work in the form of convenient diagrams and charts.
What it does: it finds inefficient profile followers and suggests to delete them (it can be done either automatically or with the help of the service); analyzes the quality of the content basing on the user reactions and engagement.

You can also use a calendar in order to compare periods. But, unfortunately, you cannot download the reports at once. The service sends it weekly by e-mail.
What it does: it finds inefficient profile followers and suggests to delete them (it can be done either automatically or with the help of the service); analyzes the quality of the content basing on the user reactions and engagement.
You can also use a calendar in order to compare periods. But, unfortunately, you cannot download the reports at once. The service sends it weekly by e-mail.

This service has more features. The platform includes about 30 metrics. Unfortunately, its' interface is only in English.
Briefly, what kind of data it provides: diagram of the profile follower growth and change; follower division by gender and location; frequency of posting and follower engagement; the best posting time; hashtag efficiency.

The service rates vary from 9$ to 750$ depending on the amount of business profile followers.
Major services for comprehensive analysis of social media

Quintly is an analytical tool that helps to track and improve the data of all social media: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest.
However, it is a paid service and probably would not do for everyone, as a minimal monthly fee is about 129$. Moreover, the trial version allows analyzing only Facebook.

BirdSong reports provide the key data for the analysis of any account, for example, the frequency of posting, picture likes and other things.
Every Instagram report includes: average amount of likes on every picture; average amount of comments on every picture; the most popular picture; account audience data; percentage of profile engagement; the most active time of the business account audience.

Sproutsocial has also a cool set of features for analyzing all the social media, but we will look at features for Instagram only.
What it analyzes:

1. Posts by their popularity;
2. Tags by their usage and engagement they provide;
3. Interaction level and engagement index;
4. Profiles of the most loyal followers.

This service is more often used for scheduled posting in all social media, but it also provides analytics.

What data it tracks: the best posting time; follower growth behavior; top of the best photos; amount of likes, comments and shares.

With the help of this product, you can compare and gather statistics from all social media. You can also analyze profiles of others and track viral content. We will have a quick look at the important metrics that it allows analyzing.

The main of them are: weekly activity statistics in percentages; hourly activity statistics in percentages; data about business profile follower engagement.

JagaJam is an analytics tool that allows evaluating marketing efficiency in social media. The service features carry out a thorough analysis of social media communities.
The amount of its metrics is impressive. But as usual it could be divided into three categories: audience; engagement; content.

The site allows tracking analytics of such social media as YouTube, Twich, Instagram. But only the Instagram accounts that have once been searched by someone could be analyzed. Therefore, for your account to be present in the database of the service you need to choose social media and add your business profile name into the search box. After that, you will get a link to the analytics of your profile. In general, only diagrams of followers and posts are displayed.

This service is good help when you need statistics on the rating and quality of blogger accounts.
What information is provided by this platform: general rating of bloggers; audience growth of a particular blogger; account activity of a particular blogger, etc.

It is one more analytics tool for such social media as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Its main feature is to recognize and analyze photos that could be interesting for your followers.

This platform is created first of all for auto posting in social media. Nevertheless, the service allows gathering statistics. It helps to analyze the data basing on such metrics as engagement, follower growth and others.

It is a western platform of comprehensive analytics that analyzes all key metrics for the improvement of marketing efficiency in social networks.
It gives the following opportunities for Instagram: gathering statistics of follower growth of your rivals; tracking your rivals' advertising campaigns; efficiency evaluation of an Instagram business account in comparison with other social media profiles.

It is a not less powerful tool for analytics and statistics gathering. But unfortunately, free statistics is available only for such social media as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Moreover, the cost of the service starts from 100$.

Iqbuzz service could be useful for those who gather information about the brand. With its help, you can gather data of 10000 sources of social and mass media.
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