Can my password will be stolen?
No. The service works through the official Instagram API, so authorization takes place on its side. We don't see your password.
Can I be banned because of your service?
No. Our service works through the official Instagram API, so we can't affect your lock in any way.
How can I delete my account?
In the "Manage accounts" section, you need to stop the analysis of all connected accounts. If you came to the site from mobile, you need to scroll the page to the right. Also you can unsubscribe from the mailing list in the "My profile" section.
How can I untie my card?
In the "Billing" section, you must delete the attached card. If you came to the site from a mobile device, you need to scroll the page to the right.
Can I automatically clean my profile from bots or unreachable accounts with your service?
No you can't. You receive from us a list of bots or unreachable accounts, and then you independently manage this list. At the moment, we do not provide a service to automatically clean your account.
I do not see analytics for the past dates. What to do?
Analytics is collected only from the moment of adding an account to the system and only during the paid periods (demo period, payment, promo codes). In unpaid periods, the analytics is not going to.
What does a certain metric mean?
Each metric, in the upper right corner, has a question mark, when you click on it, you'll see a hint. More detailed description of each of the metrics you can read from the link or try Picalytics within the 3-day demo period.
How long is the analytics going to?
It all depends on the server load, the response time of the Instagram API, and other parameters. An account of up to 50,000 followers, on average, is analyzed within an hour.
What is included in the 3-day demo period?
During 3 demo days you can analyze one non-private account for free. There will be no limitations in the collection of analytics for this account: absolutely all available metrics will be collected. You can terminate the trial period and subscribe at any time or subscribe to a paid subscription to another account.
If a private account doesn't analyze, what should I do?
Unfortunately, we can't analyze private accounts. However, if this is your personal account, then you should not worry. It is necessary to remove the tick "Private" in the settings of Instagram. After that, click the "Check" button, inside the account you need.

If the account does not belong to you, then it is very difficult to make the analysis of such an account. And if you really need it? Write to us. We will negotiate prices with you and help you analyze your private account.
Can I unload the list of bots?
Yes, you can. This service is available on the "Audience" page. The fee for unloading bots is $5 and is not included in the demo period. When you paid, we will send you a list with links to bots.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we have a referral program. It is automatically available to everyone. The initial percentage is 10%. The percentage of payments made by reference people automatically credited to your account. If you have good indicators, then we can easily raise the percentage of deductions. Everything is negotiated individually.

To find out the link, you need to go to the "Referrals" menu, which is in the upper right corner. That's where your unique link will be.
Can I analyze several accounts?
Yes, you can. We do not have restrictions on the total number of simultaneously analyzed accounts, however each account is paid separately, according to the tariffs of our service.
I want to clean the profile from bots and unreachable followers. Are there any restrictions?
Yes, there are. To start unsubscribing from unwanted accounts is best of all from a mark of 100 per day, gradually increasing this figure to 1000 (more isn't recommended).
Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Have a suggestion?
Then feel free to contact us by email. Our tech support will be happy to contact you as soon as possible!
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