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Can I analyze several accounts?

Of course! We do not have any restrictions on how many accounts the user can analyze at the same time, but each account is charged separately according to our subscription plans.

How long it takes for analytics to be gathered?

It depends on the servers, response times from the Instagram's API and some other factors. Usually, it takes about an hour for an account with up to 50 000 followers to get analyzed.

Can I get rid of the bots and unreachable followers using your service?

No, you can't. Our service provides you with the list of bots/unreachable accounts for you to manage it. Currently, we do not have a feature of deleting bots automatically.

Can I download the list of bots?

You can. This feature can be found in the "Audience" section. Downloading the list of bots costs $5 and isn't included in the trial period. Having paid for the list, you'll get it ASAP.
What does a certain metric mean?

In the upper right-hand corner of each metric, you can see a question mark, by clicking which you can get the hint on what the metric means. You can learn more here or try out Picalytics for a 3-day trial period.
Trial period
What features do I get during the trial period?

During the 3-day trial period, you can analyze one private account for free. There are no restrictions: all of the metrics are available to you. You can stop the trial period and get a subscription at any moment or get a subscription for another account.
Can my password be stolen?

It can't. Our service works using an official Instagram API, so the login goes through the Instagram. We can't see your password.

Can I be banned for using your service?

You can't. Our service works using an official Instagram API, so can't impact you getting banned in any way.
Referrals and special offers
Do you have a referral program?

We do. It's available to everyone automatically. The initial percent is 10%, and it's charged onto your account as soon as a new user joins Picalytics using your unique link. We can also raise the percentage if you have good stats. All the terms can be negotiated individually.

To get your unique link, go to the "referrals" section in the upper right-hand corner.

Do you have any special offer for bloggers or agencies?

We do. Send us an email with your offer at:
Subscription and card
How can I delete my profile from the service?

In the "Manage accounts" section you have to stop analyzing all connected accounts. If you're viewing the page from a mobile device, scroll the page to the right. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter in the "My profile" section.

How can I remove my card?

In the "Billing" section you can remove the connected card. If you're viewing the page from a mobile device, scroll the page to the right.
Functionality issues
I can't see the analytics for previous dates. What do I do?

The analytics is gathered starting with the moment of adding the account to the service, and only during the paid periods of time (trials, and promos included). You can't get the analytics for the period you haven't paid for.

My non-private account is desplayed as a private one.

You might have updated you Instagram nickname and it hasen't been updated in the service yet. If so, sontact us and we'll speed up the process:

I can't analyze a private account. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we're aren't able to analyze private account. But no worries, if it's your account: check toggle off the "private" setting in Instagram settings. Then press the "check" button in the account you want.

If the account doesn't belong to you, it's really hard to analyze it. Desperate for it? Contact us at We'll agree on the prices and help you out.
Login issues
I can't log into my profile.

The service is up and running. To log into a previously made profile go to the homepage and click "Log in": use the same login method you used previously. If you're still having the issue, try cleaning out the cash on your device.

I can't remember my e-mail address or password.

Service send letters to your inbox. Click "log in" and then "Change password".
I want to get rid of the bots and unreachable followers — are there any restrictions?
There are. It's recommended to start unfollowing 100 unwanted accounts a day, gradually increasing the number up to 1000 (and not more).
Where can I learn more about SMM on Instagram?
Here you can find articles about almost everything concerning SMM on Instagram. You can also submit your own article: we'll be glad to publish it under your name!
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