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Here we're providing you with some practical information you can get using the service along with some tips on how to use it when promoting your business on Instagram.
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Target audience analysis
The is the most simple and easy-to-grasp way to use the information you get on Picalytics. Here you have more in-depth data on your followers than that of Instagram, of any period of time, of any account. Here's why you most certainly need to analyze your target audience:

  • Study the demographic features of your audience and percentage of private accounts;
  • Study the target audience of strongest competitors (more on that later);
  • Compare the audience you have with the audience you would like to have;
  • Find out what interest your followers have;
  • Personalize the content.
We can divide target audience analysis into two parts: studying the information on followers and studying the content your followers interact with.

One who owns the information - owns the world. You know exactly when your followers are active and what content the appeal to the best - other accounts, which may be followed by your audience, don't. Putting that information to use you can get to the "Popular" section in no time.

Some sources of data you can use for promotion:

  • Best posts' analysis based on the number of likes and comments (these are separate metrics on Picalytics). Having that info you can draw a pattern;
  • Hashtag engagement analysis. It will help you figure out which are the most and the least effective;
  • Followers' activity analysis based on the day and time of posting the content;
  • Posts' popularity analysis based on the time of posting. Keep in mind that the metric of followers' activity based on the time of posting is different from that of posts' popularity.
Optimizing the expenses on targeted advertisement

Having your profile set up right you can use it as one of the sources of information of your target audience. You can also look at the analysis of large companies or niche accounts (as long as you made sure they're managed correctly).

Some points on why analytics before, during and after starting targeted advertising is crucial for promoting your account:

  • Using the most popular posts when advertising;
  • More accurate targeting and separating unnecessary followers;
  • Getting an insight based on the performed analysis;
  • Adjusting your posting plan according to the periods of your followers' highest activity;
  • Choosing targeting according to the interests of your followers.
Having that information saves your a fortune on testing theories.
Choice of blogger to promote a product

Using Picalytics you can easily evaluate the audience of bloggers use are considering for promotion, analyze collaboration with other companies and chances of further development.

Implementing analytics when considering a blogger will help you to:

  • Separate unnecessary candidates at the very beginning;
  • Choose the best day and time for posting an ad;
  • Check whether the number of followers, likes or comments was driven up;
  • Tell the genuine audience apart from bots and unreachable followers;
  • Evaluate the audience's feedback on the ad.
That will definitely have its impact on the profitability of your campaign and your brand's reputation.
Analysis of competitors campaign:

  • Benchmarking;
  • Comparing the actions of your competitor to the overall tendencies and figuring out the plan or strategy;
  • Figuring out competitors priorities;
  • Campaign profitability analysis;
  • Making a non-competitive offer.
This is a truly unique opportunity to get your hands on analytics and statistics of your competitors.
Account's development and activity analysis

You can look at the result of your work presented with number and statistics and then make some adjustments to your strategy.

Basic data for analysis:

  • Number of followers and their growth during the selected period of time;
  • Change in number of followers during the day;
  • The average growth of a number of followers and ER during the day;
  • Two separate graphs for the change of a number of followers and for the number of users who followed or unfollowed your account;
  • Number of likes, the average number of likes per post;
  • Number of comments, the average number of comments per post;
  • Graphs for likes, comments and overall change of ER.
You can also figure out new strategies based on:

  • Development tendencies of other accounts sharing the same topic and your own account;
  • Weak spots, which were found during the analysis;
  • Content optimization according to new principles of accounts development and their promotion;
  • Conclusion based on the aforementioned points.
In-depth analytics of your presence on Instagram can drive the effectiveness of this way of communication up, optimize the expenses on the advertisement, track the actions of competitors, anticipate and start new tendencies. All the metrics were taken from Picalytics - the service of deep Instagram analysis.
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