Shopping tags on Instagram: the new stage of online shopping progress

Not so long ago Instagram introduced the feature that will make selling the services and products online easier. In this article, we'll tell you how to simplify customer processing and make more people convert from your followers to actual clients. All of this is possible with Shopping tags.
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The Internet has changed the way we shop
When shopping online you can look at the product, choose its color and size, compare prices and even have it delivered to your doorstep. Tech, jewelry, clothes and even food — you can buy all of this from your couch.

And now, with the help of Instagram, shopping is stepping up with the introduction of Shopping tags — the way to tag your product on a photo. You can add shopping tags just like you would add the tag for another user. You can see that there are tags on the photo by the shopping bag icon in the lower left corner of the picture:
By pressing on the photo you can see all the tags. Tap on one of them and you'll see a card with the additional information about the product. From there you can go to the store and buy the item.
How do I set shopping tags?
Currently, this feature is available for 46 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and much more. You can see the whole list on the Instagram support page.
You can start using shopping tags right after you are approved for shopping by Instagram. Of course, you the latest app version is required.
After you're approved for tagging products, you will see the "Products" button right under the Business section. There you will have to choose the product to link to your account.
Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, all of the products will be transferred from there. So you will need to start a shop on Facebook in case you don't have one.
Then everything is a piece of cake:

1. Upload a new picture, edit it, and when you get to the description — you'll the "tag products" button right below the "tag users" button. Click it and you will get to the next section:
2. Click on the photo and you'll open the list of products from your shop:
3. Choose the product you need and click it to add the tag:
4. Then you can change the location of the tag by dragging it across the photo. You can also add more tags or remove those you've already added by clicking on them
5. You can tag product of the photos you have already posted. Just click the three dots above the picture, and click "edit":
Then — tap the "add tags" button in the lower left corner of the picture:
When posting one picture you can tag not more than 5 products, and when posting more — up to 20.
Lots of businessmen and brands use Instagram to sell their services and products. But up until this day, there was no convenient way to work with customers — you could only rely on the links to the websites and Direct Messages. Now Instagram makes the way the products make from the seller to the buyer a couple of clicks shorter.

Screenshots were taken from the YouTube channel Popnicute Jewelry.
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