How to give your Instagram account a performance check (audit)

Promoting your business on Instagram isn't as easy as it seems. Aiming at posting new content with no delays for the sake of consistency user puts on the line the quality of the content. Regular account audit prevents the quality from falling. Here we have for you the instruction on how to keep you Instagram account at it's best.
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Just like all the other side of a marketing campaign, promotion on social media takes consistent control. You business may change its goals, and audience interests are changing all the time — so your Instagram has to keep up with these changes to stay appealing to the audience. It's recommended to check whether your account has the same image as your business.
Know your goals
All you do on Instagram has to aim at the goals which correspond to the overall marketing goals and obviously — goals of your business. For instance: if your company sells fashion clothes, it would be best to navigate your campaign towards those people who may be interested in fashion: like young men and women with income above average, who live in big cities. Knowing that you should fill your Instagram with the content relevant to that audience.
Keep an eye on aesthetics, brand presentation and the tone of communication
The thing that differentiates business account from a personal one is the image it projects on the audience. It may vary — the brand can be represented as highly professional or easy-going — the choice is yours.
How you can project your brand's image with Instagram profile:

  1. Username should correlate with the brand's name. If that username is already taken, try to figure out something close to the original.

  2. The next is the profile bio. Make sure that it is similar to the description of your company on other social platforms. Phrasing may be different but the message must be the same. Bio can also contain links, and that's a great opportunity to lead your audience to your brand's web page, where they can learn more about your product. Before putting a link you can make it shorter using numerous services available on the web. Not only it makes the bio look cleaner, but these services also provide the opportunity to see how much people clicked on the link.

    It isn't necessary to put a link to your website's homepage — if your brand holds a promotion campaign, you should put the link with some info on the promotion to get more people involved.
  3. Profile aesthetics can be carried out in various ways: for the most part brands put their colors into most of their posts. Like Coca-Cola:
Posts should be dedicated to the topics relevant to your business, and at the same time stay diverse: hardly anyone would want to look at just you product in each and every post.

4. Tone of communication with your followers must stay consistent. Whether it is post caption, responds to the comments of Direct-messages — you must speak to your followers with politeness and respect.

Of course, you must respond to all the comments and messages: no one should feel ignored. By the way — you getting involved in the conversation will positively impact the engagement rate.
Use hashtags
Hashtags help the Instagram users find the content they're interested in, so proper use of this feature is essential to the effective growth on Instagram.

You can add up to 30 tags per one post, but it doesn't mean you have to use all of them every time. The best way is to use around 5 hashtags which are of a middle popularity. Posts with the most popular hashtags appear every second, which will make you content almost impossible to come across for anyone interested. Five is a sufficient number for mentioning all of the relevant tags and you won't "clutter" you post.

It won't hurt to create your own hashtags and encourage your followers to use them. That will have a huge impact on your brand awareness.
Get rid of the bots
In order to grow your account needs followers who constantly engage with your content. Unfortunately, some part of your followers will be bots — profile who are not active on Instagram, meant only to follow, like or comment your account just once for the sake of mutual reaction. Deleting bots from you account will increase your engagement rate (since there will be only users who are actually engaged). Accounts with high engagement rate are more noticeable for users, so it gets easier to get more followers. You can learn more about bots here.

Picalytics makes searching and deleting bots much easier: it has an algorithm which utilizes more than 10 factors to scan you followers for bots. Than he provides you with the list of bots — you can go through it and delete whoever you want.
Keep and eye on audience's engagement
As we said before, the more followers engage and interact with your content — the more noticeable your account gets for other Instagram users.
You can increase engagement by taking the following steps:

  1. Respond to all the comments and messages from users, keep the conversation going;

  2. Suggest your followers asking some questions and answer them;

  3. Ask them share their opinions and a particular topic — you can also join the discussion;

  4. Hold a contest where all a person needs to do is like, comment or post a picture with your hashtags — and give the winner an actual prize;

  5. Use all of the Instagram features: do live streams, votings and so on.
Folks on social media appreciate consistency: whether it is stream of posts, quality of the content or connection with followers and clients. Everything should be consistent.

All of the tips mentioned above will help you keep the quality of your Instagram account always at it highest. One thing you need to do is to give your account a regular check.
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