Is deleting bots from Instagram account worth it?

Bots are the biggest headache for Instagram users. Being an "easy way to the top" ar first, Instagram bots now are the biggest setback when it comes to natural account growth. In this article, we'll tell you how to check if there are bots among your Instagram followers and how to get rid of them.
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It used to be easier

There were the times when to be successful on Instagram you just had to have a ton of followers. So bloggers and businessmen who wanted to promote using social media had their followers driven up by bots. By doing so they were able to gain popularity quite easily.
And then 2016 comes in — Instagram makes everyone follow the rules

2016 was the year when a new Instagram algorithm was introduced, according to which users would be able to see the posts they care about the most since they tend to miss a lot of content. Now the news feed isn't composed chronologically. Due to the newly introduced algorithm posts which gained the most engagement (likes and comments) were at the top of the news feed. So now it's the quality of the content that matters, and not the quantity.
What is an Instagram bot?

Bot — is an account on Instagram made to massively follow, like and comment certain users.
Here are 3 reasons why bots are the bad influence on your account:

  1. They decrease engagement (ER). Such followers do not show any activity. So if you delete these followers in favor of "genuine" ones, the followers to likes ratio will give you a higher ER. Which will make your profile of higher quality.

  2. They scare off advertisers. A decent advertiser always checks if the potential advertising space is legit — obviously, the account full of bots isn't going to be an "ad attraction"
  3. Bots make your account look flimsy. Looking at the account full of bots isn't aesthetically pleasing. But it's just a matter of preference
    Usage of bots also contradicts Instagram's Terms and Conditions. They do not contribute to the development of social media.
    Let's get down to practice:
    Analytics is the great way to figure out and solve the bots problem.

    We once had a client who wanted us to analyze his Instagram account. Previously he had this account promoted by a marketing agency, but he wasn't getting a lot of likes and comments even though having a large following. So he decided to get his account checked to see if there are bots among his subscribers.
    The first thing we did is checked the analytics using Picalytics. Picalytics offers more than 30 metrics for analyzing your Instagram account, and these are the metrics we looked at:

    • Account growth dynamics. Having added the account for analysis we tracked the growth of followers: rapid increase and slow decrease show us that the number of followers was expanded with bots since leaps so rapid aren't typical for natural account growth;

      • Bots to real followers ratio. When identifying bots Picaytics makes use of the algorithm which includes more than 10 criteria. It looks towards accounts with low marketing activity such as: business accounts, accounts containing external links, accounts showing suspicious activity and much more.
      By studying analytics we can certainly say that the account's following was driven up by the bots.
      Kill 'em?

      The easiest way to increase ER in this case is to get rid of the bots. There are two ways we can do that:

      • Automatically — there a lot of services which provide the feature of unsubscribing all the bots automatically;

      • Manually — being so complicated the algorithm for identifying bots isn't perfect in any way. There's always a possibility of a couple of "genuine" users getting into the list of bots so the best ways to get rid of them remains manual
        In order not to get some of the followers into the crossfire, we chose to get rid of bots manually.
        The result — the percentage of bots decreased:
        As the times passes we can see some increase in engagement rate:
        Thanks to the simple procedure the quality of the account grows and our client won't have to waste any more money on gaining fake followers.
        The Conclusion
        New algorithms on Instagram are changing the game: now the most popular accounts are the ones with the best content and as a result — with the highest ER. Driving up the number of followers with bots will cause you more pain than gain since they do not provoke any interaction with your content. That's why you should only keep real followers by regularly analyzing you account. It's as easy as one-two-three:

        1. Analyze the account;
        2. Find the bots;
        3. Get rid of them.
        Quality control of your account is the real key to success on Instagram.
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